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Moonshot is a single, unifying technology that enables you to effectively manage and control access to a wide range of web and non-web services and applications. These include cloud infrastructures, High Performance Computing, Grid Computing and commonly deployed services such as email, file store, remote access and instant messaging.

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The Moonshot Wiki provides information at an introductory and in-depth, technical level, along with FAQs and instructions for deploying and working with Moonshot and Trust Router technology.

In April 2013 Janet began a Pilot Project to begin implementing Moonshot technology with participating Pilot sites. This has helped Janet to gather and understand requirements, at both a technical and usability level. This engagement has shaped and driven the continued development of the code to a stable level, now deployed and utilised by an increasing number of Pilot sites.

Janet have established and made available a Trust Router, to which Pilot sites have begun to connect. The Trust Router is a scalable mechanism which enables organisations who are running Moonshot to communicate with one another. Trust Routers are an important part of our infrastructure that can help different groups of users (Communities of Interest) to gain access to resources at a level of security that they are happy with.

The pilot phase of the project closed to new participants in December 2014. In March 2015, Jisc launched the new Assent service. You can find out more about Assent, request information or sign up at: 

Feedback from some of the participating pilot sites include

University of Glasgow
“Glasgow is seeking to test Moonshot authentication on its own Cloud storage and sharing platform, allowing federated access to UK staff and students and reducing the overhead of managing accounts for externals. We currently have a local Moonshot IdP which is connected to the live campus eDirectory infrastructure, and are looking at deploying an initial Moonshot-enabled SSH server for first testing with a live service, before investigating integration with Apache Web Server.”
John Watt, University of Glasgow IT Services - IDM

University of Murcia
The University of Murcia in Spain who have been deploying and testing Moonshot in several applications, ranging from the more complex ones, such as OpenStack Cloud services, to the more traditional ones, such as SSH. The research team from Murcia, consisting of Gabriel López, Alejandro Pérez and Rafael Marín say: “We have been also testing the Trust Router software, and we are currently working on the establishment of dynamic trust relationships between the University of Murcia's Moonshot-based services, and external testbeds such as those running at the University of Kent (UK) and Janet. This work has been mainly done under the CLASSe project as part of the GEANT GN3+ European project.”

The benefits of deploying Moonshot within a research or HPC organisation are outlined.
This case study from the Science and Technology Facilities Council explains how they are trialling Moonshot technology to enable both national and international partners who collaborate with the STFC to use existing credentials from their own organisations for authentication.
Diamond Light Source, the UK's national synchrotron facility, is piloting Moonshot within the EU PANData project to help facilitate the way in which major European scientific facilities work together. Find out how Moonshot technology is being used to support scientists access remote SSH consoles in the Diamond Light Source Case Study.
To find out more about Moonshot and discover why and how you should deploy the technology in your organisation, please visit the Moonshot Community Group.

Stay in touch with developments

To contact us about any aspect of this project, or to join our mailing list, please visit the Moonshot Wiki.

Further Information

You can stay in touch with Moonshot project developments via the Moonshot Wiki.


The following organisations are involved in helping develop Moonshot technology;


Based in the USA, Internet2 is an advanced networking consortium led by research and education.


GÉANT is the pan European data network dedicated to the research and education community.


SURFnet is the National Research and Education network for the Netherlands.


RESTENA is the National Research and Education network for Luxembourg.


CESNET is the National Research and Education network for the Czech Republic.


RedIRIS is the National Research and Education network for Spain.