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Janet6 is the name given to the project to build the next generation of the Janet infrastructure.

Due to replace the current SuperJanet5 backbone in Autumn 2013, this national resource will be universally available across the whole of research and education - from high end research to HE, FE and Schools.

Built to the requirements of our users, Janet6 has been designed to ensure the capacity, resilience and flexibility for research and education, across the UK, for the next 5 to 10 years.

Underpinning all of the sector's digital activities, Janet6's flexible architecture means it can respond to your changing needs - enabling you to meet bandwidth requirements as they arise, exploit the efficiencies of new technologies (such as Cloud) enable new ways of working, and respond to policy changes.

The new Janet6 infrastructure will provide continued support for the UK's knowledge economy whilst ensuring best value for our customers.

An Advisory Group, with membership drawn from the Janet Stakeholders Group, was set up to advise us on the overall strategy, requirements and procurements processes for Janet6.

The key aims of the Janet6 project are:

To deliver a Specialist Network.

To design the Janet infrastructure around the needs of research and education providers in the UK. 

To provide a highly reliable and secure network. 

The network will support improved levels of service availability for your organisations. This means we will examine all elements of the delivery chain to address appropriate levels of resilience. 

To provide a network that is flexible in terms of meeting future demand. 

This next iteration of the network will be designed to have the capacity that you need to handle, analyse and transfer the vast amounts of data you anticipate working with. Its agile design will allow the capacity of the network to be expanded, tuned or trimmed to match that demand. 

To provide a network that is more agile in dealing with change. 

We want to be able to deliver your requirements faster and more effectively, whether for operational or development purposes.

To support an increased range of partnerships and collaboration. 

Janet6 will provide you with access to the latest technology to achieve your business goals – enabling you to undertake important research, saving you time, and allowing you to work with partners in your local area or across the world and supporting the skills development our economy needs today. 

The network should support collaborative working and efficiency drives across sectors.

This document outlines the timetable for migrating the regional networks to the new Janet6 infrastructure.
This document describes the outcome of these activities, and the resulting design, technical specification and operational model of Janet6.
This document demonstrates how the requirements gathered in 2012/11 have been fed into the network infrastructure and outlines the strategy for the construction and implementation of Janet6.
This document summarises the requirements gathered from the Janet community.
This group has been created to keep you updated on the Janet6 project - to build the next generation of the Janet infrastructure. We also hope you will use this space to discuss aspects of the project which are of particular interest to you.

If you would like to contact us about any aspect of the Janet6 project, please email

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