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Business and Community Engagement

Institutions have traditionally used their Janet connection for research and teaching but this emphasis is changing with the growth in business and community engagement activities.  Business and community engagement focuses on building partnerships with other organisations within public, private and third sectors in order to:

  • exchange knowledge between the institution and their partner with a view to improving the UK's economic and social prospects

  • develop the UK's workforce in today's competitive markets.

To support the growth in BCE activities, we have amended two Janet policies. The Janet Connection Policy has been replaced with the Janet Eligibility Policy and the Acceptable Use policy has been updated.

You are advised to read the Janet Eligibility Policy and the Janet Acceptable Use Policy before undertaking any BCE activities.

Importantly, you now have the flexibility to decide how your Janet connection can best support your BCE activities. For example you could decide to pass on some of your Janet bandwidth to a BCE partner or use Janet when providing ICT services to a BCE partner.

In addition, you should be aware of the issue of 'State Aid' and how your BCE activities could distort the market and provide a partner organisation with an unfair competitive advantage. For more information, please read the Janet guidance on managing State Aid.

BCE in action

A number of institutions are already using their Janet connection to support BCE activities.We are also working with suppliers to develop a mechanism to allow customers to offer public access to the Internet via Janet

In the publication section you can read how Janet supported BCE activities for the 2012 Games and our case study: Loughborough University - Embracing BCE.

If you are looking for other examples, read the article 'BCE in action' in Janet News 17 (pg 18).

Barking & Dagenham College is using technology to realise their vision of developing multi-dimensional students, fully equipped for the work-place. By using innovative ways of teaching, Barking & Dagenham College students are inspired and encouraged to develop their entrepreneurial skills.
We have undertaken a significant consultation exercise over the last year and have implemented a number of key policy changes to support you in your BCE activities. Read the fact sheet to find out more.
Demonstrates how members of the Janet community used their Janet connection to support BCE activities during the 2012 Games.
Demonstrates how IT Services at Loughborough University have adapted to meet BCE activities.

Upgrading or shifting your connection

Please email the Connections Management Group or Tel: 01235 822308 to discuss your requirements.

Please also see the relevant information linked below as this may answer any queries that you might have: