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eduroam Companion

eduroam Companion

eduroam users can now more easily locate eduroam-enabled sites thanks to a new app for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The 'eduroam companion’ app helps users to locate their nearest eduroam point by visualising the central database of eduroam-enabled facilities on a map and provides information that the user will need in order to connect to the service.

Since the app taps into the central database, details of services throughout a number of participating countries are available.

There are some countries that do not provide data to the database, so coverage is not total. Equally, not all organisations provide similarly comprehensive data sets of where they provide service. 

In order to address this issue, a feature has been built in which enbles users to contribute to the accuracy of service coverage information - the app allows users to tag locations where they find eduroam.

Once the minumum threshold of tags have been received for a hotspot, a new location marker is created.

The iOS version can be downloaded free from iTunes. The Android version is now available from a number of sources, including Google.

The Android version features an increase in the quality and types of information captured when a user tags a location where they find eduroam. This has allowed the development of a new 'heatmap' coverage view. The Android version also features integration with popular social networks to allow users to share their eduroam experiences. Janet News announcement.

Canterbury College implementing eduroam.
Bristol University rolled out configuration of Windows native supplicant to its users using CloudPath XpressConnect.
Swansea University developed their open source Windows native supplicant configuration deployment tool 'SU1X' and showcases its features and how it is used. The resulting effective increase in uptake of eduroam is highlighted.
A description of why and how Swansea University reduced the complexity of their wireless network services with its multiplicity of ssids, by offering instead the simple system of a single primary network using the 'eduroam' ssid, with VLAN assignment carried out via the backend RADIUS system and a 'setup network' for new Swansea users providing instructions and access to the SU1X auto-configuration utility
How the University of Sussex has implemented FreeRADIUS 2.0.2 with OpenLDAP and the necessary network infrastructure, based on HP AP 530 wireless access points and Procurve 2600 switches, to support the eduroam service on Janet. How compliance with the Tech Spec has been achieved is documented, including configuration scripts for EAP, realm handling, forwarding, attribute filtering, packet and database logging and log rotation. Sections on the configuration of HP AP 530 wireless access points and Procurve 2600 switches are also included.
A practical description of how University of Bristol implemented and complies with the Technical Specification.
A fact sheet for Further Education network/IT managers
Describing the benefits of eduroam to the Further Education sector, including how it supports BYOD
Join the Janet eduroam group on the Janet Community Website - a place for you discuss all aspects of the eduroamUK service, to share your expertise and to ask questions of other users and implementors, as well as Janet colleagues.

Technical support 

Technical support is provided by eduroam Technical Specialists and is available at no extra charge, to any organisation participating in eduroam or considering joining. If you have any queries then please email the Janet Service Desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It is also worth visiting the eduroam FAQs on the Janet Community Site, before lodging a technical enquiry, as you may find the answer to your query there.

Additional support

Nb. technical support enquiries can only be accepted from customer technical contacts registered with Janet. You can check if you are registered by emailing the Janet Service Desk.

For additional help on understanding and implementing eduroam, please follow the links below. 

All guides are also available by visiting the Janet Community Website.