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Computer Security and Incident Response Team

We are the Computer Security and Incident Response Team (CSIRT) for Janet. Our mission is to safeguard the current and future network security of Janet (steering the security policies for all Janet connections) and of our customers, creating a secure environment to conduct your online activities. Our primary function is monitor and resolve any security incidents that occur on the Janet network, with specialists tracking a range of platforms, including Unix, Linux and Windows.

We work closely with our community to detect, report and investigate incidents that pose a threat to the security of our customers' information systems. We also investigate other forms of network abuse such as spam and copyright infringement.

Due to the geographical scope of incidents, we assist national and international law enforcement agencies in their investigations, connecting them to our trusted contacts within the community. Information security threats are not limited to particular networks or national boundaries, and we work with other CSIRTs across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world to manage and resolve incidents. We have built strong relationships with other security researchers and sources of security reports to ensure we provide you with a fast and effective response.

Centralised coordination
Reported security incidents are located in one central point
Multi-channel collaboration
Improve technical awareness and engage in security discussions via Twitter, webinars and events
Security activity statistics
We make network statistics available on our website so you can access them for trend analysis
Technical expertise
Get one-to-one advice on security systems and recovery from compromise
Vulnerability updates
You can quickly identify potential vulnerabilities in operating systems

The CSIRT team receives, reviews and responds to incoming customer reports of incidents that pose a threat to the integrity of our customers' networks.

As a Janet connected organisation, you have unlimited access to a knowledge base of security information, collated and provided by experts.

Access to numerous channels of communication regarding the latest security news, trends, technical information.

You contact Janet CSIRT team members for advice and support in the following ways:


Tel: 0300 999 2340 (within UK)

Tel: 00 44 1235 822 340 
(from outside UK)

Service Hours

08:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday

(exceptions below)

Full service Janet CSIRT will respond to e-mail, telephone and fax within one hour.

18:00 to 00:00 Monday to Friday

09:00 to 17:00 Saturday and Sunday

(exceptions below)

Reduced service

Janet CSIRT will respond to telephone calls within two hours.

Incoming calls are normally routed through an answering service.


New Year’s Day

Good Friday

Christmas Day

New Year’s Day

Reduced service Janet CSIRT will provide a “Best Efforts” cover via the Out of Hours Answering Service.

Janet CSIRT will regularly distribute the latest vulnerability alerts. These alerts are received by a number of sources, but we sythensise them into a concise list, reducing the complexity for you.


This service is freely available to all Janet-connected institutions.

Terms and Conditions

Use of this service is subject to adherence to the:

Service Level Description


Please ensure your organisation understands and adheres to the Janet Security Policy.


This service is centrally funded.

Service Description

Janet's Computer Security and Incident Response service safeguards the current and future Janet network security (steering the security policies for all Janet connections) and Janet customers. The primary function is to monitor, co-ordinate and resolve any security incidents that occur on the Janet network. 

Customer Responsibilities

The customer is responsible on an ongoing basis for ensuring the contact details notified to Janet of a suitable representative from within the customer’s organisation are kept up to date and any changes in responsibility promptly notified.

The customer must ensure that e-mails from CSIRT are acknowledged within a time frame commensurate with the importance of the issue.

For guidance: Urgent issues should be responded to within one hour; Non-urgent, but otherwise important issues, within two business days; Less urgent issues, within five business days, as defined in SLD Definitions.

Hours of Service

The Full service is available during 08:30 and 18:00, Mondays to Fridays.

Outside of the above service period, an On-call service is available from 18:00 to Midnight, Mondays to Fridays and from 09:00 to 17:00, Saturday and Sundays.

Neither service is available on Christmas or New Year’s Day.


Request this service by contacting CSIRT directly on Tel: 0300 999 2340 or via email:

Further information can also be found on the Janet CSIRT Community page. 

Alternatively, customers can contact the Janet Service Desk

Sevice Delivery Time

During the Full service period, an initial response will be given within one hour.

During the On-call service period, an initial response will be given within two hours.

Terms and Conditions

Please ensure your organisation understands and adheres to the Janet Terms and Conditions


If you are experiencing an issue with the service, and wish to escalate the issue within Janet please contact us via the Janet Service Desk on Tel: 0300 300 2212 or via email: For full escalation details, please visit the Janet Service Desk pages.

Follow the CSIRT blog to keep up to date on security related issues.
A group for the discussion of security issues affecting Janet and Janet customers on our Community website.
The objective of SIG is to provide a forum for the discussion of intrusion detection systems used on the Janet network. Traffic and threats seen on the network are often unique, so this group exists to provide a community-led environment where information on these issues can be shared. The group does require active participation.
The UK-Security group is a mailing list managed by CSIRT. Membership is open to members of the Janet community with a legitimate interest in security. To join the group, you will need to be seconded by the security contact at your organisation. Members will receive communique related to information security issues, as well as important announcements from Janet CSIRT.

Contact Janet CSIRT for advice

Your role as Janet's security contact
We will need you to reliably ensure that your organisation takes prompt and effective action in response to requests and information from Janet CSIRT.

Read our technical advisories
Janet CSIRT will regularly publish advisories about the latest software updates or vulnerabilities to help you navigate through the complex security landscape.

Security advice
If you don't have time to read through the CSIRT fact sheets, here are our five simple steps to securing your network

Janet CSIRT fact sheets

Technical advice and dealing with online threats

Reporting abuse

Get in touch with Janet CSIRT

For a comprehensive look at what we do, visit our Community site and get involved with the discussion

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