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Video Technology Advisory Service (VTAS)

The Janet Video Technology Advisory Service (VTAS) provides unbiased technical advice on equipment and issues related to videoconferencing, to current and potential users of video technology within the Janet community.

VTAS gives you access to a team of specialist advisors. 

The service also conducts detailed evaluations of video technology and videoconferencing products and aims to develop documentation of interest to both end users and technical/support staff.

Premium Service

An additional on-site consultancy service is available for those sites requiring specific, detailed advice. 

Available to Janet customers
If you are a Janet-connected customer, you can use this service at no additional cost
Technical advice
Unbiased technical advice on equipment and issues related to videoconferencing.
Video services
Janet Video Services offers a number of other video services to members of the Janet community.

All our advisory services are customer-focused, with requirements determined by canvassing opinion and via feedback from the community. Each service comprises a number of components that have been chosen to provide the optimum service, selected from the following:

  • Free-of-charge advice and guidance for the planning and implementation stages of projects
  • Best practice guides to ensure maximum effectiveness of IT investments
  • Generic advice through publication of case studies and technology factsheets
  • Dedicated website areas packed with information and useful links
  • Input into Janet training course and conference planning
  • Facilitating access to chargeable consultancy services

This service gives you access to a team of experienced video technology advisors. There is also a chargeable on-site consultancy service (subject to advisor availability) for organisations requiring specific detailed advice.

The VTAS advisors carry out unbiased evaluations of ISDN / IP videoconferencing products. To see the Product Evaluation visit the Community Library.


There is no charge for the Standard Video Technology Advisory Service.

Premium Service

An additional on-site consultancy service is available for those sites requiring specific, detailed advice. For details of the premium consultancy service and fees, please visit the VTAS Policy Page on the Community site.

Service Level Description

Customer Responsibilities

The customer is responsible for responding to follow-on questions or following any suggestions made by the advisor.


This service is centrally funded with the exception of the Premium service. For further details of tariffs and charges for the Premium service please contact the Janet service desk.


Please ensure your organisation understands and adheres to the Janet Security Policy.

Service Description

Janet's Advisory Services provide free advice and guidance to organisations on all aspects of:

  • videoconferencing related issues, including unbiased technical advice on equipment (VTAS)
  • IEEE 802.11-based wireless technologes (WTAS)
  • voice technologies, focusing on IP telephony (VAS)
  • interconnecting multiple sites, upgrading interlinks and providing connectivity to remote sites within the organisation's own network (MCAS)

Hours of Service

The service is available during the Business Day.

The Business Day is defined as Monday to Friday. It excludes 24-31 December, all English public holidays and also the Tuesday following the August Public Holiday. 

Target Availability

The target availability is 99.5% during the hours of service defined above, measured monthly over a 12 month period.

Premium Services

In addition to the advisory service above, a Video Technology Advisory Service consultant can provide videoconferencing consultancy services to an organisation that requests them. A typical consultancy will include a site visit and the provision of written recommendations on the establishment of new videoconferencing facilities or the improvement of existing ones.

The consultancy service will be conducted at the expense of the requesting organisation, is subject to availability and will be a direct agreement between the consultant and the organisation. Janet will assist in agreeing costs and the work to be undertaken.  For further information relating to tariffs and charges, please contact the Janet service desk.

Request for Service

You can request this service via the Janet Service Desk on tel 0300 300 2212 or via email:

Sevice Delivery Time

An initial response to any enquiry will be given within four Business Hours.

Terms and Conditions

Please ensure your organisation understands and adheres to the Janet Terms and Conditions


If you are experiencing an issue with the service, and wish to escalate the issue within Janet please contact us via the Janet Service Desk on Tel: 0300 300 2212 or via email: For full escalation details, please visit the Janet Service Desk pages.

Technical Section

For more information on Video Technology, visit the Video Technology Advisory Service pages on the Janet Community site.

For advice on the purchase and suitability of videoconferencing equipment, please visit the videoconferencing product evaluation pages on the Janet Community site.

A case study of changes made to a Nokia/Check Point® Firewall-protected H.323 Gatekeeper/Proxy Topology at Wrexham County Borough Council.
This report attempts to introduce the network difficulties that have been encountered in the deployment of H.323 videoconferencing. The issues are outlined here and references to more detailed technical explanations are supplied.
This document, Introduction to Videoconferencing, aims to achieve three objectives: 1. Act as a basic introduction to videoconferencing for potential users, particularly those working in schools 2. Explain some of the terminology that is peculiar to videoconferencing 3. Supply links to other relevant information that should be useful to beginners and also more experienced users
Join this group on our Community website, a space for sharing knowledge, asking questions, joining projects, creating and discussing product/service enhancements as well as connecting and collaborating with colleagues.


VTAS has a team of specialist advisors, drawn from within the Janet community (visit the team). They are able to offer advice on a wide range of video-related topics. Your query will be passed onto these advisors and they will contact you directly.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy services can occasionally be offered to help you identify suitable rooms for videoconferencing or to give advice on improving existing rooms so as to produce an effective conferencing environment at a realistic price.

The consultancy service, where a site visit is required, will be charged for.

For more information about VTAS or the premium consultancy service please email the Janet Service Desk.