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Janet Videoconferencing Service

"Offering you a high quality service"

Launching in summer...
v-scene – a reinvention of the Janet Videoconferencing Service. Janet Desktop bookings required after this date will need to be made on v-scene. Find out more here
The Janet Videoconferencing service brings people together by removing geographical barriers and enabling easy communication and collaboration with colleagues both inside and outside Janet.

Videoconferencing has many uses, from teaching and learning to administration and its use continues to grow particularly with the rise in satellite campuses and distance learning courses. In recent times, the technology has been used for remote training, work placement supervision, interviewing and thesis defence. For participants with mobility difficulties or other impairments, videoconferencing enables their inclusion.

Janet Videoconferencing provides seamless connectivity between participants regardless of what technologies you’re using.

Once you have registered with Janet Videoconferencing, you can access the web-based booking service which gives you the ability to launch and schedule videoconferences, manage live meetings, invite guests from within and outside the Janet community, record and stream a session and share presentations and documents.

With the latest developments, you can now hold a videoconference at your desktop using a PC, webcam and headset at any time.

We've developed a handy Getting started guide to help ensure that your videoconference is a success. You can download a copy of the Getting Started - Five steps to a successful Videoconference from the publication section.

AV switching equipment
The Janet Videoconferencing service enables participation using different systems
Bring learning to life
With interactive sessions and content providers, you can bring your subject to life
Time and cost savings for both your users and host institution
Green credentials
Using videoconferencing can hep you to reduce your carbon footprint
Increased participation
Videoconferencing can increase participation in meetings and conferences
Reduce travel costs
Save money on travel costs (airline or rail tickets, vehicle rentals, hotel stay and meals)

Through the videoconferencing booking service web interface, you can

  • Launch a videoconference immediately or book one in advance
  • Manage live meetings
  • Invite guests from within or outside the Janet community
  • Record a videoconference
  • Stream a live session via the web
  • Share a presentation or desktop
  • Videoconference from your PC

From booking to launch, a dedicated Videoconferencing Support team is available to assist you.

The team can assist with:

  • Quality testing - system testing to maintain audio and visual quality
  • Technical problems (before and during a session) - in order to maximise your videoconferencing experience and minimise technical problems
  • Support you in the management and administration of your videoconferencing sessions
  • Out of hours support - If you are running a videconference out of standard hours, you can request support from the team (additional cost applicable)

Operational cover *

Monday to Friday: 0800 - 2100

Saturday: 0800 - 1700

*Excluding New Year's Day, Good Friday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.


Janet Videoconferencing gives you flexibility to control how and when you use the technology. You can pre-book your session, or launch on demand via a studio, dedicated equipment or using a PC, with a headset and webcam.  Videoconferencing can be organised for one-to-one sessions or one-to-many conferences.

Dedicated Studio, Dedicated equipment or Desktop:
Now it is even easier to use videoconferencing. All you need is a desktop with just a webcam and headset. You can also choose to use a dedicated studio or dedicated equipment.

One-to-one (Point to Point) or one-to-many (Multiplpoint)
Janet videoconferencing gives you flexibility to have a one-to-one (point-to-point call) or a one-to-many (multipoint) videoconference.

Your videoconference can be enhanced by the use of content from sources such as Powerpoint slides, animations and other media. You can also share applications during a videoconference.

Using the Janet Videoconferencing services offers you the flexibility to record your conference to view again and stream to a wider audience.

If you have HD CODECs, HD cameras and HD displays you can run your videoconference in high definition

The Janet has a team of specialist advisors who can offer advice on a range of video-related topics. The Video Technology Advisory Service (VTAS) team provide unbiased technical advice on equipment and issues related to videoconferencing together with product evaluations.

You can read more on the VTAS Community Group.

VTAS Consultancy Service

The VTAS consultancy service can offer help to identify suitable rooms for videoconferencing or give advice on improving existing facilities in order to produce an effective conferencing environment. Charges may apply.

To find out more email the VTAS Advisory Desk.


Registered Higher and Further Education, Research, PDCL and Government funded schools are eligible to use the Janet Videoconferencing at no extra cost.

You can register to use the Janet Videoconferencing service at any time. Once you have registered and have had a quality assurance test, you will be able to start using the service.

Licensed Eligibility

Non-government funded organisations can be given licensed access to the Janet Videoconferencing service.

These organisations include:

1. Independent schools
2. British overseas territories - Schools in St.Helena, The Falklands etc
3. Offshore governments - Schools in Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man etc
4. Research organisations
5. Educatonal content providers eg museums or art galleries
6. Commercial organisations who provide educational content eg MB Learning Solutions

For more information and to check your eligibility, please email the Janet Service Desk or Tel: 0300 300 2212.

Service Level Description

Service Description

A high quality videoconferencing service to enable Janet connected organisations to book and carry out one-to-one or multi-participant videoconferences with one another and with endpoints outside of the Janet network. 

Janet Videoconferencing supports (and interconnects) IP and ISDN technologies.

Hours of Service

The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year.

Target Availability

The target availability for the Janet Videoconferencing Service is measured over a 12 month period, excluding service-affecting maintenance.

Videoconferencing service and booking service: 99%

Gatekeeper hierarchy and gatekeeper service: 99.5%

Service-affecting maintenance is capped at 0.5% and is normally carried out with at least two weeks' notice.

Fault Management

Faults on the service may be reported at any time to the service provider by Tel: 0131 650 4933 or via email:

This help line is staffed from:

  • 8am to 9pm on Monday to Friday
  • 8am to 5pm on Saturday
    (excluding Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day and Good Friday)

Faults will be progressed between the above hours. 


The Janet Videoconferencing Service uses multiple sets of equipment located at a number of points on the network for resilience.

Premium Services

Staffed support is available at Janet Videoconferencing centre for videoconferences held outside the normal staffed period. The details of charges are available on request.

Customers can request an onsite consultancy service, subject to availability. For further information relating to tariffs and charges to be paid by any organisation receiving consultancy, please contact the Janet service desk.


Please ensure your organisation understands and adheres to the Janet Security Policy.

Customer Responsibilities

The customer is responsible prior to using the service, for:

  • ensuring that the video equipment at the organisation is properly configured to use the service
    Quality checking services are provided to assist with this: one is automated; the other is provided by the Janet Videoconferencing service staff.

The customer is responsible on an ongoing basis for:

  • ensuring that bookings for sessions involving a large number of multiple sites are normally made at least two hours before they are needed.
    This is  so that the Janet Videoconferencing service staff can ensure the necessary resources are allocated and available.


This service is centrally funded.


The Janet Videoconferencing service is centrally funded for Higher Education organisations, Further Education organisations, the Research Councils and for Schools in England.

Organisations not funded through the central charge may purchase access to the service, For further information relating to tariffs and charges, please contact the Janet service desk.

Request for Service

You can request this service via the Janet Service Desk on tel 0300 300 2212 or via email:

Terms and Conditions

Please ensure your organisation understands and adheres to the Janet Terms and Conditions


Access your organisations' reports via your regional dashboard. 


If you are experiencing an issue with the service, and wish to escalate the issue within Janet please contact us via the Janet Service Desk on Tel: 0300 300 2212 or via email: For full escalation details, please visit the Janet Service Desk pages.

Technical Section

The Janet Videoconferencing service supports IPv4 only (it does not support IPv6).

The service supports:

  • Multi-site videoconferencing
    The service allows multiple endpoints using IPv4 and ISDN at difference bandwidths to join a single videoconference.
  • Gatekeeper
    The service provids a gatekeeper hierarchy that supports an E.164 dialling scheme to route calls effectively both nationally and internationally. It also provides central gatekeeper support for organisations that are unable to operate their own gatekeeper.
  • QA test
    Automated quality checking services are available to provide instant audio and video quality assessments for IP videoconferencing endpoints and AG collaboration nodes.
  • Streaming
    Streams a live videoconferencing via a web browser to remote participants whilst it is in progress.
  • Recording
    Allows registered users to record a videoconference session and download it for future uses.
  • Virtual venue servers and bridges
    Provides for connection to clients of IOCOM, Evogh and AccessGrid Toolkit and to enable interoperability with conventional videoconferencing systems.
  • Booking facility
    Provides a number of facilities through a web based user interface that enables registered users to schedule, launch and manage live videoconferences.
  • Operational support
    1st and 2nd level technical support for queries; providing assistance with issues arising before and during videoconferences; investigating issues after a videoconference.
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This email group allows users to share information related to videoconferencing. It is relevant for anyone in education or the cultural sector responsible for delivering, receiving or enabling education via videoconferencing.
Subscribe to this group on for technical information, service updates and advice.

Booking Service

If you have already registered to use Janet Videoconferencing, you can use the Booking Service to manage all aspects of your conference.

The Booking Service URL:

Once you have registered to use Janet Videoconferencing

We recommend that you schedule a quality assurance test to ensure your conferences are run to the highest standard. Once the quality assurance test has been completed, you will be able to schedule your first conference. Venue administrators are sent automatic reminders to carry out a annual quality assurance test.

You can book your quality assurance test through the Booking service.

Operational support

We provide operational support to everyone who uses our videoconferencing service. For more information on the operational support available please visit the Janet videoconferencing operational support web page.