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Supporting teachers, students, researchers, librarians and resource managers


Access thousands of resources to use in your learning and research environment - from e-books to images, journals to maps - and make substantial savings through our group purchasing scheme.


Citizen Maths
A free online course that teaches practical understanding of key maths concepts.

e-books for FE
A collection of free e-books for all UK further education colleges.

Geospatial data
Commercial quality mapping and spatial data for universities and colleges.

Journal Archives
A single platform providing access to over 600 journal backfiles from eight publishers' archives.

Historical Texts
A single platform providing access to over 400,000 texts from four key collections.

Digital archival collections group purchasing scheme
Collectively lowering the cost of acquiring digital archival collections.

More than 100,000 videos, images, and sound recordings delivered to the UK FE and HE community.


Digitising 20th century social movements
Developing new digital collections for teaching and research.

We negotiate with publishers to procure and license affordable digital content for the UK education and research community 

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Vocational learning resources

Engaging resources and activities for the further education sector, developed alongside the curriculum to support learning and teaching.


Education and childcare training *new*
Engaging online learning and teaching resources mapped to education and childcare curricula.

Construction training *new*
Digital resources that use gamification to appeal to different learning styles, mapped to construction curricula.

Digital and IT training *new*
Interactive digital learning resources to support learning and teaching mapped to IT curricula across the UK.

Health and social care training
Innovative online learning and teaching resources mapped to the health and social care curriculum.

Hairdressing Training
A free online service for hairdressing and barbering teachers and students.

Member stories

Angela Leavens
Head of learning resources and e-learning, Strode College

"I wouldn’t be able to afford to buy that number of e-books if I was buying them from scratch"

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