Expert, targeted support and practical assistance to help you transform your organisation and practice through digital technologies.

How we can help

Our members have access to advice from our sector experts across Jisc, but sometimes you might need additional specialist input with a critical issue. 

Impartial advice and extensive hands-on support can enable you to identify issues, select solutions and find an optimal outcome.

We know the challenges on your radar

We have sector-specific expertise in the areas you need. We’ll take a holistic approach tailored to helping you achieve your ambitions.

We deliver diagnostic support

As a member you can access practical support from our team of subject specialists.

This is designed to give you an informed, impartial insight into your current situation and practical recommendations to get you moving in the right direction.


Digital strategy review
Assess digital strengths across your organisation as a first step to transforming student experience

Information law, data protection and governance
Stay on top of the legal landscape - specifically designed for the needs of the education sector


Infrastructure review
Ensure your IT systems can support your organisation’s vision.

IT support skills audit
A practical and impartial audit to help ensure you have a balance of skills in your IT team

Applications review
An in-depth assessment of your enterprise systems environment to help you target investment and deliver a digital vision

Enterprise security review and risk assessment
Get a wide-ranging overview of information security risks on your IT estate to spot gaps in your security and processes

Digital practice

VLE review
A strategic review of your VLE to help you take steps to improve the student experience

Supporting the delivery of apprenticeships
We can help identify your strengths and opportunities to improve the provision of digital technology to deliver apprenticeships

We help you approach new challenges

We can provide flexible, client-focused, mentoring-based support for times when a project calls for you to think in new ways about unfamiliar concepts.

Tap into the expertise of our subject specialists over an extended period of time to help you achieve your goals. 

Retained expertise
An expert critical friend and mentor, at hand when you need a guide, whilst keeping you firmly in the driving seat. Flexible and affordable support to suit your budget and needs 

We deliver in-depth expertise in technology

We can offer specialist expertise in the technology that underpins education and research.

Cloud consultancy
Helping you use the cloud to achieve wider digital goals

Cyber security financial X-ray
Helping you assess levels of protection and identify vulnerabilities

Library financial X-ray
A benchmarked overview of library costs across a range of library services

Financial X-ray
Through detailed benchmarking against peers, compare and analyse the full cost of your IT services

Trust and identity consultancy
Targeted, bespoke support to help you make the most of our trust and identity services

Training to support you

Specialist training designed to help you develop in-house expertise.

Designing for digital capabilities in the curriculum

A one-day workshop building confidence to design and deliver a digital curriculum that will prepare students to learn successfully in digital settings and to thrive in a digital world.

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Developing learners’ employability skills

An online workshop exploring ways in which technology-enhanced learning can support and build on learners’ employability skills, knowledge and experience.

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Digital leaders programme - higher and further education

Become a digitally-informed and empowered leader and learn how to help your organisation respond more effectively to technology-driven change.

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Supporting learners’ digital identity and wellbeing

An online workshop exploring ways in which technology-enhanced learning can support the development of learners’ digital identity and wellbeing.

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Writing for the digital world

Two online sessions that will help you to develop your digital communication skills, ensuring your content is engaging, discoverable and shareable.

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